Monday, April 28, 2014

3-2-1 Egg Drop!

We have been studying forces and motions.  We have learned that gravity is a force.  We have been exploring how much FUN gravity can be.  We went out to the playground and noticed all the equipment that wouldn't be fun without our dear friend gravity.  Imagine the slide, the pole, and the swings without gravity...boring!
Today, we had fun AGAIN with gravity. We tested out our egg boxes.  We dropped them off the playground equipment.  Most of our eggs survived!
Paige's box...

it worked!

Brielle's box...

it worked!

Wyatt's box... 

it worked!

Shea's box...

it worked too!

We took our egg drop challenge to the next level.  We dropped a few from our classroom window!
Morgan's egg...

survived the ultimate drop!

Jordan's egg...

didn't survive the ultimate drop, but it did survive the playground!

What is it that we used to protect our eggs from gravity?
            Pillows,                           newspaper and tissue,

peanut butter,

              t-shirts,                     lots and lots of toilet paper,

and bubble wrap!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Mrs Wanke's Top 5

This week we sure had some fun!  Here are my Top 5 things from this week,

April showers bring May flowers!

We were lean mean roping machines! 

We had fun learning to use a lasso as we wrapped up our Tall Tales unit. We had to try and also a cow, a goat, and a tornado.  If we lassoed the cow, we had to write a "noo" word. (That was my attempt at humor.)  If we lassoed the old goat, we had to write an old word.  Lastly, if we lassoed the tricky tornado, we had to write a trick word. 

I scream you scream, we ALL scream for ice cream!

Sing, sing a song...

I was so proud of all the first graders on Tuesday when they sang for 1st Congressional Church.

Who's going to second grade?

We are going to start a persuasive writing next week! 
Students will plan and write a persuasive essay/speech about why they should go to second grade.  After they have written their essay, they will take it home for fine tuning and to practice giving their speech. On a given day, TBA, your child will give their argument to the judge, that's me!  I will decide if I believe their argument.  ;)  
This should be a lot of fun!

Today was the photo shoot.  These pictures will be attached to your child completed essay and hung in the hallway.