Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Hip Hip Hooray, It's the 100th Day!

On the 100th Day of school Granny Wanke greeted us at the door!

We had a lot of fun on the 100th day of school.  We used an app to make us look extra old!  

We built a structure with 100 cups...boys v. girls! It took us a lot of time to get this to work.  Lots of cups fell, but we persevered!

We read stories about the 100th day of school and practiced counting to 100.  Later in the day we took the 100th day physical challenge and we worked with partners to create something with 100 blocks.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Make 10 Strategy

What is the Make 10 Strategy many of you must be wondering.   Please take a few moments to watch this video about the strategy.  

Now I am sure many of you must be thinking...oh boy Common Core math strikes again!  To be totally honest with you, I felt the same way when I first learned this way of teaching.  However, since teaching it, I have come to love it! 

At first glance this appears to be a ridiculous way to add two numbers together by making students do a bunch of unnecessary steps to get the answer.  However, this strategy is actually preparing students to mentally manipulate and add numbers.  I bet many of you do this and don't even realize it! 

We want students to start thinking strategically and move away from counting on and using their fingers.  SO, we teach students make a 10.  It is super easy to add a number to 10!  At this stage, most first graders are not ready to mentally decompose numbers to make a 10 in order to add.  So, we have students write each step of the process down.  This will prepare students to mentally add numbers when they are ready. 

This week we moved counters around.  We were able to see the originally equation and the 10 fact on our work mats.  The kiddos really seemed to like doing this in group because it made sense and they were able to physically manipulate the "number."

Once students get really good at making 10 and showing signs that they can mentally manipulate the numbers, we move to apply this strategy to larger equations.  For example, 7+5=  (10+2=12)  moving toward the equation 27+13= (30+10=40) 

Monday, December 2, 2019

Glow Day

Welcome to GLOW DAY!  The kiddos were surprised when them came to school today to see our room transformed!

Mrs. S. and I were just as excited to start the day!  

Everyone got a pair of glow glasses and vest! 

To start our morning off we read our book for the week.  While I read the story, students had to listen for 5 key vocabulary words.  If, they heard me say the word, they yelled stop.  We would take the time to figure out the meaning of the word based upon the context clues in the story.  The best part about this was, we wrote our answers in highlighter...because it would glow of course!

When it was time to work with me at the reading table, students had to put on their reading detective hats.  We have been working on reading and find evidence in text to support comprehension questions.  Yes, we got to use highlighters again to highlight the evidence. 

While I was working with groups at the table, students got to play spoons with Mrs. S.  Instead of trying to get 4 of a kind in a deck of cards, students had to get 3 word cards before they could grab a glowing neon spoon.  (1 noun, 1 verb, 1 adjective)

We also got to read with black light flashlights. 

For writing today. I drew a squiggle on every students' paper.  Students had to turn the squiggle into "something" and then write about their creation.  Once again, students were super excited to write with highlighter.   It is the little things!

After recess and lunch everyone was ready to get back to our Glow Day extravaganza.  For math today students rotated around to stations.  One of those stations was glow bowling!  Students took turns throwing the ball.  After the pins were knocked down, everyone had to write a subtraction equation to represent how many pins fell down or how many pins were still standing. 

Another math station was glow Jenga.  Students played this game with Mrs. S.  Each Jenga piece was covered in 1 of 4 colors of neon black light tape.  After the child successfully placed the Jenga piece on top, he/she had to take a math question card that corresponded with the color on the Jenga piece.  Every student had to write their answer to the question on their whiteboards.  

Lastly, to end out day we practice our spelling words in shaving cream.  We have done this before, but it was so much more fun with the black light making the shaving cream glow purple. 

I head many of the kids say, "This is the best day ever!" and "I love this class!"  This is exactly why I love my job!  They were sad to see this day end, but I told them you just never know when another special day will pop up! I have many more tricks up my sleeve!