Friday, February 16, 2018

Shapes, Shapes, and More Shapes!

Today, we play two fun games to help us review our shapes and their attributes. 
The first game we played was a Quadrilateral Relay.  We have been learning about polygons this week. One kind of polygon is a quadrilateral.  A quadrilateral is a polygon/shape that has 4 sides.  As you can imagine a lot of shapes are quadrilaterals. (square, rectangle, rhombus, trapezoid)  
Each team had a pile of polygons in front of them.  One at a time, each member of the team would grab a polygon and race down to the end of the hallway, where there were two buckets.  They had to put the polygon into the correct bucket, either quadrilateral or NOT quadrilateral. The team to correctly sort all their shapes first won.

We also played a game called Shapes Island.  Mrs. Wanke would call out different commands for us to do.  If we did them correctly, we could stay in the game.  If we were incorrect, we were out of the game.  
When Mrs. Wanke called out a shape, we had to get into a group that had the same amount of people in it as the number of sides that made up that shape. (Triangle made a group of 3, Square made a group of 4)  There were a couple of silly things Mrs. Wanke would say for us to do. Check out the video to see what those were.  

Monday, January 22, 2018

Who is Alfred Nobel?

Last week we learned that Martin L. King Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize. So today we learned about the man that started the Nobel Peace Price, Alfred Nobel. 
Check out this quick video to learn about the life of this inventor, chemist, and philanthropist.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Welcome Back

I can't believe that we are halfway through first grade!  YIKES from a teacher's standpoint and that of a parent of a first grader!  I can NOT believe how fast this year is going.  These little people have grown so much physically and academically! 

As we start the new year and the second half of first grade, the expectations for independence, respect, academics, and behavior all increase. 

We have worked hard with respect.  Every morning we shakes hands and greet each other. Students have learned to look me in the eye, shake my hand, and say good morning.  We have even learned to ask, "how are you" and how to carry on a conversation. 

Now we are moving on the Ron Clark's Rule 5 and Rule 7.  Click on the Essential 55 tab at the top to read about these two rules. 

We will continue to focus on respect as well. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

The 5 Day's Before Christmas Break: Day 1

There is NO homework starting today!
NO required reading!
NO math fact practice!
NO spelling test!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

HIP HIP HOORAY, Our Shirts Came Today!

Thank you North Star Graphics for once again making beautiful shirts! 

Below is some information from North Star Graphics

Your new shirt was printed using the latest digital, direct to garment technology.  This exciting new printer allows us to print more color and offer no minimums!  Par of this process involves pretreating the shirt.  You may notice a slight tackiness in the print area.  This is normal. The pretreat will wash away leaving only the super soft print!  We recommend you wash, inside-out, in cold water prior to wearing.  We hope you enjoy your new shirt!

Whale of the Month

This happy guy was named our Whale of the Month for November!

Each month a student is selected to be our Whale of the Month!  To become the Whale of the Month, students have to exemplify what it means to be a whale. Check out the "Are You a Whale" tab to read more about what it takes to be a whale!

Subtraction Math Game

Click on the link below to play a fun subtraction game!

We had some impromptu fun today with this game. We went to the computer lab to work on Zearn during math time. However, the Zearn website was acting up and most of us could not do our tasks.  So, we found a fun game to help us practice our subtraction facts.