Friday, May 24, 2019

A Camping We Will Go! 2019

We arrived at school on Friday to find our room had been transformed into a campsite!

We each got to share the campfire stories we wrote!

We wrote How to Make S'mores, then we tested out our directions to see if we could actually make a S'more.  They, were SOOO yummy!

We had so much fun camping out in first grade!

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Here come the ducklings

It has been a very VERY exciting week!  Our duck eggs hatched!  In fact we had a perfect hatch this year.  We were very nervous for egg 3, but after some time along and some help from Mrs. Wanke, the duck from egg 3 hatched.

We noticed that some of our eggs were starting to pip.

Those pips quickly turned to holes. 

Then finally our first baby duck hatched!

Egg 3 was stuck in the egg.  We moved him to his own incubator and added in some wet paper towels for extra humidity.  When Mrs. Wanke came back Tuesday night he was still stuck.  So, she had to help him out.

He came to her house for a little extra TLC.  Mrs. Wanke's daughter, Ashley, named him Fin, because fin means warrior and he was a warrior!

Today our very last egg hatched.  We were in library at the time.  Mrs. Wanke video taped it for us since we haven not been able to witness a hatching yet. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Alligators, Crocodiles, and Crickets! OH MY!

We read the book 
Image result for alligators and crocodiles by gail gibbons

We made two separate lists with specific characteristics of alligators and crocodiles.  Then we were put into two groups.  One group had to use the characteristics of a crocodile to make a 20 foot life-sized drawing.

The other group had to use the characteristics to make a 12 foot life-sized drawing of an alligator. 

We had a lot of fun using what we learned from our story to create these HUGE creatures.  


Today was the day that Mrs. Wanke ate a cricket!  She said it was disgusting!  We thought it was hilarious to see her eat it!  However, this activity still allowed us to practice our estimation and subtraction skills!