Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Writer's Cafe

When we entered school on Friday, our room had been transformed into a CAFE...a writers cafe!

We were celebrating our first published piece of writing.  
Each of us got a chance to be a chef.

When it was our turn to be a chef we would "serve" our writing to our classmates! The patrons at the tables would listen and give our writings glows! (A glow is when we compliment another person's writing.)

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas Tree + Math = FUN!

On Friday, Mrs. Wanke  put all the parts of our Christmas tree on the floor, without the instructions, and told us that we had to work together as a team to correctly build the tree.  

It took us a bit to figure it out.  At times our tree looked a little funny! However, this activity taught us so much! 

We discovered the following things will help us in any group activity.
1. The importance of  developing a plan first
2. How to listen to everyone's ideas
3. How to effectively communicate our ideas
4. We shouldn't all do our own thing.
5. How to work as a team.

Because of our AMAZING team work and communication, our class got the closest to correctly putting together the tree.  We were only 2 branches off!  Future classes have their work cut out for them!

Candy Corn Bandit (10/30/18)

Candy Corn Bandit

The Candy Corn Bandit stole Mrs. Wanke's candy!  Mrs. Wanke was very excited to share her jar of Candy Corns with us.  However, when we came to school today....

  there was a letter from the Candy Corn Bandit and a clue!  

We made a prediction based upon what we read in clue one.  We predicted the candy would be in the lunch room! When we got to the lunch room...all we found was another clue. 

 After reading that clue, we predicted that we would find the candy in the gym.

When we got to the gym, all we found was another clue.  After reading that clue, we predicted we would find the candy on the play ground.  When we got outside, all we found was ANOTHER clue!

  After reading that clue, we predicted we would find the candy in the library.  But, when we got the the library, all we found was ANOTHER clue! Boy oh boy this Candy Corn bandit was causing some trouble! 

After reading the clue, we predicted we would find the candy in the classroom.

When we got to the classroom...what do YOU predict we found?

You got it...the CANDY and another clue!

Clue #6 told us to keep our eyes open and our candy protected.  We also had to finish up the last page of our Candy Corn Bandit book before we could get our candy corn.

This activity was great for making predictions.  Not only did we predict where the candy would be, we also made predictions about how the bandit was able to pull off this crime, did the bandit have an accomplice, how big was the bandit, and what was the bandits motive. 

When we got back to the class, Mrs. Wanke had a light bulb moment.  She said that we could use predictions when we read!  WOW...she is right.